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At Vita Park Eye Associates we strive to provide the latest technologies and eye care options available for our patients. Our vision is a priceless gift and we want everyone to know about your experience here and how Dr. Castillo, Dr. Wilkins, Dr.Hendrix, or Dr. Springstroh improved your vision.

We ask that you take a moment to fill out a patient testimonial to help others learn about how we can help them enhance their quality of life with better eyesight.

Hear what our patients have to say:

If you have been troubled by cataracts, I recommend a visit to Vita Park Eye Associates for a surgery evaluation. There is minimal if any pain and the return home will be amazing. The removal of your cataracts will open a whole new world to see, observe, and enjoy.

Objects are more distinct, colors more vivid, signs clearer at distance, and so is oncoming traffic. At home, you will be surprised at your tv watching, newspaper, and magazine reading. Everything is so much more pronounced.

Words can't express how thankful I am for the professionalism and patient-friendly care provided me. Cataract removal will be one of the best blessings you can give yourself. Dr. Wilkins, you are number one in my book!  

Gloria Allen
Horicon, WI
On: 5/20/16

I went to Dr. Jay Wilkins with slight problems of sight imbalance, perception, and blurred vision that could be appreciated by only a sister of a blind brother. Something was better than blindness.

Thanks to skills I cannot imagine, surgery made so comfortable I had no anxiety over either one of the two done and the only stipulation was followed easy instructions and come back for a follow-up check-up.

Not only can I drive at night with 20/20 comfortable and accurate clarity but walk knowing where steps really are. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wilkins and his staff of miracle workers to anyone.

Sandra Sloan
Clinc: Beaver Dam
On: 4/13/16

A huge "thank you" to Dr. Jay Wilkins and his special staff for their wonderful care; before, during, and after my recent cataract surgeries! I was quite apprehensive prior to my surgeries but it turned out to be a very positive experience.

It's so great to have a clear vision again! I especially enjoyed hearing Dr. Wilkins sing along with the music during my 2nd surgery! Vita Park Eye Associates is truly a blessing in the Beaver Dam community.

Anonymous Poster
From: Waupun, WI
Clinic: Waupun
On: 07/10/2014

I recently went in for a routine check of my eyes. I was finding that I needed readers all of the time for every task I do. Dr. Springstroh changed the strength of the contacts and actually lowered the correction of my eyes.

With the new contacts, I find that I have not had to use readers at all yet at work! Thank you very much!

Cassandra Szymczak
from Fond du Lac, WI
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 03/22/2014

I have been to Vita Park in Beaver Dam twice, and both times I have been treated very well and given personalized care! All of the staff are very helpful and have recommended products that work really well for me. I wouldn't go anywhere else for eye care.

Wesley Harmsen
from Waupun, WI 
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 01/23/2014

Dear Dr. Castillo,

Thank you for an excellent job on my eye. Little did I ever think that at 85 I would see brilliant colors again. Thank you to you and almighty God my eyesight has been restored. Proverbs 3:5-6

To all your staff at Beaver Dam and Waupun, also the staff at the BDCH a heartfelt thank you for a job well done. In my lifetime I have been at the V.A., Fond du Lac St. Agnes, and Waupun Memorial Hospitals. I can say assuredly your willingness, ability, and desire to leave no stone unturned are truly appreciated. 

You are all #1!


Wes Harmsen

Sue Dunahee
from Beaver Dam, WI 
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 02/11/2014

Had cataract surgery with Dr. Wilkins and could not be more pleased with the outcome.  I was soooooo tired of hearing Rick Armon (from WBEV/WXRO) talk about his experience I had to experience it myself. I have a new appreciation for Dr. Wilkins but not Rick.

Carol Pipia
from Fox Lake, Wisconsin
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 11/11/2013

What can I say- I got my sight back again, thanks to Dr. Wilkins! I have worn glasses for most of my life and I am 75 years old. Today after surgery I no longer have to, except for small printing.

I love the feeling that I no longer have to depend on my glasses. I had a wonderful experience which occurred in 2 weeks- both of my eyes operated on. I only need glasses for the small print, I always before needed them full time.

I am extremely happy with my surgery and hope that everyone can have the same experience! Thank you, Dr. Wilkins!

Carole Schumacher
from Watertown, Wisconsin
Clinic: Beaver Dam

I have been a patient at Vita Park Eye Associates for many, many years. I started with Dr. Davis, upon his retiring I had Dr. Ehrhardt. Upon his retiring, I had Dr. Davis's son, and upon his retirement, I have Dr. Castillo.

I had cataract surgery on both eyes, with surgeries being one week apart.

I can't say enough about the treatment and care I received. Everyone in the office is so nice, patient, and understanding. I had many questions, both before and after the surgeries; and no question was too small or stupid to ask. Calls were always returned in a very short period of time.

When I had a problem with one of the eye drop prescriptions being refilled (because of the surgeries being only one week apart instead of the normal two), it was taken care of quickly and efficiently. Debbie from the office handled the whole matter with my pharmacy here in Watertown; and the insurance took care of everything with no problems.

The hospital staff was wonderful. They too are wonderful to deal with, answering questions, and explaining things quite well. Both times I was taken care of better than I can explain. On my second visit, the nursing supervisor even stopped in to check on how her staff treated me. I had nothing but praises to say.

My surgeries were a complete success. Even Dr. Castillo did not expect my eyesight to be as good as it is now. Previously I was basically blind in the left eye and could only see out of my right eye with the aid of very thick and heavy glasses. I can now see out of both eyes. If I could say what the most joyous moment was.... when I could read down to the third line of the eye chart with my left eye when previously I couldn't even see the big "E".

It was momentous even when I was able to sit down with Karen, the optician, and order "regular" glasses. She has been waiting for this day as long as I was. My glasses arrived a week later. I can not believe the difference. No more sore nose or ears from those heavy glasses. For the first time in my life, I can read all the way down to the bottom of the hand-held chart and read on 20/20!

I'm not even going to say "I haven't seen this good in 50 years". Heck, I have "never" seen this good before. I don't regret a second of having the surgery done. My only regret is that I had to wait so long to have it done.

I would highly recommend Vita Park Eye Associates to anyone who would ask me who I would recommend as an eye doctor. I know all the doctors are excellent, it's just that Dr. Castillo is my personal favorite. He is a wonderful, caring, and compassionate doctor. I have recommended and had three friends/family members come to see him already.

Mary Riege

from Watertown, Wisconsin
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 11/6/2013


Which Doctor Did you see? Dr. Wilkins

Why Did you choose Vita Park Eye Associates? I was recommended

What did you have done? Cataract Surgery Implant

What did you appreciate the most? The kindness, explanation of all options

What services would you recommend to your friends/family? Vision check or any questions about your eyes

How has your improved quality of vision changed your life? I can see TV small prints more clearly and long distances are so clear. The nurses were so helpful and polite I felt very relaxed and comfortable, all questions were answered. I recommenced [Vita Park Eye Associates] to many people, including my nephew. Vita Park Eye Associates Doctors and nurses are the best- my vision is now 20/20!



 Susan Hemling
from Columbus, Wisconsin
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 09/20/2013

I believe it was fate that brought me to Vita Park Eye Associates and Dr. Castillo. While experiencing arthritis flare-up in my right knee, my left eye became tender, and started to have blurred vision which was really alarming.

A local vision center had no immediate appointments available but connected me with Vita Park Eye Associates who had Saturday office hours- year! Dr. Castillo walked into the room, introduced himself, shook my hand, and started asking about my knee.

He made the immediate connection that the arthritis was affecting my eye as well as my knee. I have had ongoing interaction with Vita Park Eye Associates, Dr. Castillo, and the fabulous and fun office personnel- I feel so very fortunate.


 Gen Jensen
from Brandon, Wisconsin
Clinic: Waupun
On: 11/01/2013

I decided to go to Vita Park Eye Associates in Waupun as my husband had his glasses fixed and the staff was very helpful and nice. Then my brother saw Dr. Springstroh and really like him, so I went to him and am very glad I did. He is just great, I was very pleased with my exam and I wish I'd gone sooner, it's much easier to thread that needle! Lori [the optician] was very helpful and went out of her way for me.

I called on Friday morning and she checked, my glasses were coming in that day, only we had an appointment in Oshkosh that afternoon and so I could have my glasses by the weekend she called as soon as she got them and I picked them up right away and still made the other appointment.

That is service beyond. I would recommend them at any time. The receptionist is very nice and helpful also. The whole staff is great. It won't be nine years before I go again!


Deanna Schade
from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 10/28/2013

(I had Dr. Castillo) I recently had two friends that had their eyes done and both were very pleased. I had cataract surgery in both eyes. What I appreciate the most was the pleasant service with all the ladies in the clinic, the 2nd-floor surgery ladies, and also the 2nd-floor volunteers. Each and everyone was very nice.

I would recommend cataract surgery to anyone having a problem with their sight. It's remarkable the big difference. Now when I am working outside and a car goes by and blows their horn I can see who it is I'm waving at! I also enjoy watching TV more, and once again everyone was nothing but nice.

 Jean Schwark
from Fall River, Wisconsin
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 01/22/2009

"I had cataracts for probably 4 years before it got to the point where it didn’t pay to replace glasses anymore. I had read several things about cataract surgeries and what the possibilities were and that there were some special lenses that could make it so you would not need glasses after surgery.

The doctor was very good, he explained everything, there was basically no pain. It was well worth it. We did some painting this last weekend and it was the first time I ever painted anything without glasses.

I do a lot of computer work and the distance of the computer I do not need glasses. I need them only for reading; they have done such a great job for my eyes."

Gary Key
(from Beaver Dam)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 05/21/2009

"For the last year, I had noticed my vision was slipping into looking at things through a slight fog. [I inquired about the Premium Lens Implants.] Dr. Castillo said I can’t guarantee your vision will be what it was when you were 20 years old but it will be what it was when you were 40 years old.

I have worn glasses for 25 years, due to the cataract surgery with the Restor lenses I no longer wear glasses and have 20/10, 20/20 vision."

Bill Lafler
(from Beaver Dam)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 03/31/2009

"I repair player pianos and it requires very good vision -there’s a lot of detail work. With the cataract, I could only focus for a short period of time, and if it tried to do work longer I would come down with a migraine headache. [I had Cataract Surgery with the Premium Lens Implants].

My vision was very good immediately after surgery; now that I don’t have to wear glasses it’s just incredible. I need to use reading glasses yet, but just minimal. It seemed like a miracle. Whereas before I was becoming even about concerned driving the car my attitude is more positive and upbeat. It just has made my life more enjoyable and meaningful."

Rosemary Hartl
(from Beaver Dam)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 05/04/2009

"My eyesight was blurry and I couldn’t see my golf balls after I hit them. I couldn’t read road signs. [I had Cataract Surgery with the Premium Lens Implants]. I didn’t really have any pain or discomfort from the surgery. I think within 2 hours I was back home. After my surgery I could read newspapers without my glasses, I could see far without my glasses, I could see my golf balls in the fairway.

My glasses were always getting smeared up, so I was really getting tired of washing them every day and cleaning them up. So it’s a nice thing not to have to wear the glasses and be careful of those. I was very happy and satisfied after the surgery was completed and I still am. I’m happy I had it done."

Carol Abegglen
(from Fall River)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 05/04/2010

"Dr. Wilkins,
I put my new glasses on and “Oh My God!”, it was wonderful- just as you told me. Being able to read is important to me and you helped me so much. It was worth the time it took. You have wonderful energy and I like that!
Thank you again,
Carol Abegglen"

Kathleen Preston
(from Waupun, WI)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 06/17/2010

"Dear Doctor Castillo,
Thank you so much for using your God-given talents in doing my cataract & implant surgeries. I am thrilled with the “awesome results” I received, I have always valued my vision so it was a little ‘freaky’ knowing a surgeon would be cutting & placing something in my eyes.

I have heard wonderful comments about you, trust you completely, and prayed & trust God also. Although we never know what his will is for us.

Thank you for the precious gift you gave me in restoring my eyesight.
Kathy Preston, Waupun

“… The Lord thy God hath blessed thee in all the works of thy hand.” Deuteronomy 2:7"

(from Beaver Dam, WI )
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 02/01/2008

I needed cataract surgery in both eyes. I was told that I was a candidate for Restore Implants. I had the surgery done in February of 2008. I chose the Restore Implants and am very happy with them. I can now do the different stitches in needlepoint without glasses, which I wouldn’t think of doing before my surgery.

My mother made a Christmas stocking for each of her grandchildren. After she died another child came along. My niece asked me if I would make a Christmas stocking for her.

I wouldn’t have thought of doing it before the implants. I made the stocking without glasses and with no problem threading needles and cross-stitching the name. I can read the newspaper, books, and magazines without glasses. I can even read the fine print on packages in the grocery stores. I am so glad I chose the Restore Implants."

Evelyn M. Meekma
(from Beaver Dam, WI)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 06/15/2010

As a patient with the Vita Park Eye Associates, at the Beaver Dam Eye Clinic, I recently underwent cataract surgery. Dr. Wilkins and his entire office staff were just great in all of my appointments, both prior to, and following surgery.

And the nurses and surgical staff, on my two days of surgery, could not have made me feel more at ease, both before and after the procedures.

Dr. Wilkins told me that I would be a good candidate for the Restor Lens transplant, so I took his advice. My first cataract was removed on the morning of June 15th, and I was in and out of the hospital in two hours and fifteen minutes.

When I got home, I could not believe how good I could already see out of my right eye, which was the first to have the cataract removed. I no longer needed glasses to read the paper, or for distance.

I never experienced any pain or discomfort, and, two weeks later, when I had the cataract removed from my left eye, the same was true for that one.

I now have 20-20 and 20-10 vision. No glasses needed. I, once again, have “40-year-old eyes”.….thanks to my new “Restor Lenses,” the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Wilkins, his staff at the Beaver Dam Eye Clinic, and the nursing staff at the Surgical Center of the Beaver Dam Community Hospital.

I highly recommend Dr. Jay Wilkins for any prospective cataract surgery patients. He is the best!"

Caroline J. Albrecht
(from Beaver Dam)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 07/14/2010

"[What makes you want to come back for your next visit?]

Because I am satisfied with many things: The clinic is easy to access to get in, being on the lower floor. I was very pleased with my last visit with Dr. Castillo. He explained every detail, as to what to expect, etc. He is very pleasant and I know of him, from being his patient a long time ago when he first came to this practice.

I should have stayed with him, but my sister persuaded me to come to Fond du Lac, and was a wrong decision on my part. So, here I am again and I feel very relieved to be back with him. The clinic is only nine miles from my home, which is a plus for me, with aging and knee problems, etc.

The only thing I noticed is that the examining rooms for tests, etc., are small, probably just for people who have walkers or wheelchairs, etc. Not the clinic's fault- I understand. Dr. Castillo is a kind and compassionate doctor who people want to respect. I know he can help me so I will be back. Thanks for listening.
Caroline J. Albrecht"

Dale Seifert
(from Beaver Dam)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 10/05/2010

I just recently went through cataract surgery at the Beaver Dam Eye Clinic. I have worn glasses since I was in third grade and was surprised to hear the new method for cataract surgery consisted of a lens implant that could improve my vision.

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about the surgery but Dr. Wilkins and his staff did an excellent job explaining the procedure and made the entire process very easy.

The surgery was totally painless and much easier than I would have ever imagined. The staff at the hospital also did a great job and made the entire process as pleasurable as possible.

I have now had both eyes surgically corrected and I am proud to say I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and do not need glasses at all. I am able to see well at a distance as well as close up work so I am glasses-free for the first time since I was 8 years old.

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has cataracts and also recommend the team at the Beaver Dam Eye Clinic. They are very professional and take great care in making sure you are comfortable with the entire process. Dale Seifert"

Janis Brooks
(from Juneau, WI)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 03/27/2007

"I came to Vita Park Eye Associates because of cataracts. Dr. Wilkins said I was a candidate for ReSTOR Implants. I had worn glasses since grade school. I had the procedures done in early 2007 several weeks apart. After the first implant, I could read the scores on the TV the same day I got home. I was so pleased.

The whole process was very easy, everything was explained and even though I was worried about it, there was no need to have been worried. All the staff at the clinic has always been wonderful to me and my husband, who is also a patient there and sees Dr. Castillo. My sight is perfect and I can see both near and far without any type of glasses.

Thanks, Dr. Wilkins! "

Carol Herbrand
(from Fox Lake, WI)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 05/10/2011

"I had recent cataract surgery on both eyes by Doctor Wilkins. I am more than pleased by the outcome. The surgery itself is quick and painless. The toric implants have made a world of difference in my vision. I doubt if I ever had such a good distance vision.

I am often amazed by what I can see. Now I don’t wear glasses except to read and I am enjoying this very much. I often get in the car and think I have forgotten my glasses! If you have cataracts, don’t hesitate to have this wonderful surgery."

Alice H.
(from Waupun, WI)
Clinic: Beaver Dam
On: 01/25/2011

"This past year I had cataract surgery. I chose to have a toric lens, which would correct my nearsightedness. It was the best choice I made. I can now go without glasses most of the time.

I can watch TV, drive a car, as just move around without glasses. I need glasses only for reading small print. Thank you, Dr. Wilkins, and all those who assisted with my surgery. The surgery went great as did the recovery. – Alice

 James B.
(from Mayville, WI)

On: 11/9/17
Throughout my life, I had enjoyed excellent eyesight. However, as I approached 50, my vision began to deteriorate. Images became cloudy and lacked the clarity I had previously taken for granted. Not only had my vision become fuzzy due to my natural lenses becoming less flexible with age, but my vision also began to get cloudy as cataract began to form. I began to struggle to see in low light conditions, becoming less confident in my ability to see.

 My deteriorating vision began to affect my quality of life. Reading glasses and a small flashlight helped me read the small print but soon became a real inconvenience.  I began to struggle to perform my job duties as I could no longer see definition and texture, two things vital to my ability to perform my job well.

I realized it was time to seek options to correct my vision problems. Since Vita Park Eye Associates came highly recommended, I decided to give them a call, and I'm glad I did.

The technicians, Doctors, and entire staff have been most helpful and friendly. They took the time to explain my eye condition and the corrective procedures necessary. My lens replacement was a pain-free experience and well worth it!

Now I enjoy clear vision again.

Because of my successful experience, I would recommend Vita Park Eye Associates to anyone looking to see well again!





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